Wednesday, October 10, 2007

RE-ally RICH!: Chinese RE Developer Tops in Billionaire Boom !

From just over the dateline and into tomorrow:

Yang Huiyan (right) and her (LUCKY!) husband at their wedding.

(photo borrowed from the Mangalorean)

...she is worth 16.2 billion and is an OSU grad-

not a bad start for someone who is only 26.

Once more, real estate is Number 1!

and speaking of rich chicks- no sexism intended - if you work for REMAX in Wisconsin, you can get an edge on your RE earnings by going to the:

Rich Chicks: Financial Planning for Women

in Brookfield, WI Oct. 16th.

This is just one of over 15 breakout sessions with great ideas for powerful listing presentations, balancing your life and blogging for your business.

Of course, if you can't make up your mind, here is an easy choice:

Technology: Cash Cow or Mad Cow

Obeos' Jonathan Nicholas will be speaking at lunch.
(a star with REMAX, now on our team helping all Realtors)
Jonathan will be there at North Central to make sure you know how to:
meet the consumer expectations, capture the clients,
and help you:
All for now - pass the steak sauce, please...

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