Tuesday, October 23, 2007

3 REAL Reasons to Blog and 10 Wesbsite MUST HAVES-FREE!

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Okay gang - we are all faced with the MONSTER OF TECHNOLOGY-AUUUUUUUUUUGH!

But here are some more great tips on why blogging and social media work and I can give you three real results that my blogging has produced:

-Blogging has gotten me in touch with Realtors and brokers who are too busy to return a phone call. I looked for their blogs and commented then got engaged in their on line conversation, widening my network.

-Blogging has added value to my company's' name as I have on line relationships with opinion leaders, leading bloggers and early tech adopters-allowing them to create buzz for us about what we have coming-interested?

-Most importantly, blogging has created professional relationships for me - especially at Wannanetwork where Obeo will soon be featured for the value we add to the community-and that will continue to grow!

Call me on Jaxtr or wire me back - and get ready for Wisconsin Blogger Meet-Up! You can come to meet and talk with other bloggers about what works for them! Of course, fun is on the agenda as well...

-Be the local expert on the community and how great it is to live there;

-A deep search program, so readers and viewers can get the info they want;

-Interactive Mapping, so visitors can see where they want to be;

-Compelling and relevant visual content -start with the BEST PHOTOS;

-Now, click here for the rest of these FREE website tips from Jonathan Nicholas of Obeo, my boss and Senior VP of marketing and sales.
Sell Happy!

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