Friday, October 12, 2007


Sellers hate them!
Buyers like them even less...
So, why do bad real estate pictures end up on the web when they drive sellers to the brink of hysteria and buyers to nausea, and onto the next mediocre batch of images?
Why are there are millions of bad RE photos populating sites that pretend they are actually attracting buyers with good pictures?
Probably because most people think
the picture is "good enough".
Now, think about that statement.
Then, think about really adding value for clients.
What makes a great RE photo?
(Please, let's not argue about good photos- this is your house we are selling!)
Great RE photos must be technically excellent,
with clear, sharp, crisply focus, not tilted, properly exposed with even lighting and no backflash.
Great RE photos highlight the key feature(s) of the room for the buyer, whether it is a bay window, stone fireplace, fantastic decorating and staging or an awesome view.
Great RE photos invite the buyer into the home,
are composed and taken from an angle the room would normally be viewed at.
Who makes a great RE photo, one that makes the Seller smile and the Buyer stick to the on line tour ?
If you don't know who, just call us at Obeo.
We will go out of our way to do it right-
because that's what it takes to make the Sellers smile
and the Buyers buy!
Stay focused!


doug said...

Is it true that Soylent Green is people?

Obeoman said...

...i forget...