Monday, October 8, 2007

Real Estate is still Number 1!

...a total no-brainer and a great idea to share with everyone!

Anyway, on with the Monday Mashup:

Nice little piece from the Birmingham Business Journal - according to a survey by the Guidant Financial Group, the majority of those folks holding money and looking towards their retirement saw real estate as a secure and worthy investment - despite the obvious market issues right now.

There are always peaks and valleys, but if you connect all the high points, the curve still goes up. Tell that to your lookie-loos on Sunday!

...c'mon, get your blog on - watch this:
And since we are all counting on the value of homes, why not add to your value as an agent by being more 2.0? Get started by watching Eric Hersman of Realty Thoughts at Inman TV. Blogging, social networking, being in online communities for Realtors, like Wannanetwork or activerain - all can lead to offline connections that can help you grow your sales. Eight out of ten consumers are online - where are you on that "X"?

...still on the fence? Don't think that all this webby stuff will work for you? :
Better read the Reno Realty Blog by Diane Cohn - she dishes on what is up with real estate in her neck of the woods, how the professional Realtors won't starve and says her blog is helping - so they are spreading the word with blogging classes.

As for me, I am working on a blogger meet-up sometime in the next three weeks for bloggers in Madison and Milwaukee- if you wanna come, just call me or drop me a line!



John Schroeder said...

Nice Blog Steve!

Obeoman said...

Thanks, John!