Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You can't cut a donut with a laser pointer...

...and nothing is harder to sell to a Realtor than technology. They are a tough crowd. Example:

You have to soften them up with donuts, cupcakes - a LOT of coffee -and they appreciate it:

Anyway, the ReMax Wisconsin technology tour kicked off pretty darn early , too darn early in Neenah - over 60 Realtors wrestled for donuts, other assorted yum-yums, and a chair to sit on as a way-to-sunny-smile and hearty "WAKE UP!!!" from Elizabeth Kuhn of ReMax-North Central opened the day-one, half-day seminar:

"In this free half day session you will come away with a clear understanding of how the RE/MAX Brand is helping you get to the next level. Your Regional Promotions staff and special guest speakers will educate you on a variety of tools available right now, that will assist you in growing your business. Whether it be the new Agent Training on Demand in RE/MAX Mainstreet, Learning about the 2007 Advertising Buy, LeadStreet Education, Cause Marketing and PR Strategies, RSN Training, Free Regional Services, or seeing the fantastic new enhancements to the RE/MAX Design Center...we will cover it all...and then some!"

(...whew...see what a sugar buzz does to ya? )

It didn't stop there...Michele Brenegan talked about something sweeter than donuts- Cause Marketing - you know, not marketing 'cause you have bills to pay, but the really great kind where everyone pulls together for something like the Children's Miracle Network and the Susan G. Komen foundation - technology with a heart:

Michele pointed out cheezehedz, especially ReMax cheezehed Realtors, ain't no slouches in giving it up to make living easier for those who need help - of course, we beat ReMax in MN. But hey, the North Central ReMax Team is 5th in the nation - and of course, there are bigger states with more Realtors in them.

Jill Kelsey backed her up by saying how ReMax has an extremely positive image with the public because of relationships like this and advised the regional Realtors to call her and ask for advice on how to smile nice so newspaper editors will write nice stuff about you:

Here we see Jill with a great smile and several name tags she authored. Actually, Jill nailed it with the advice that if it isn't timely or does not involve a 40-foot red-white-and -blue balloon, you should call her for some tips.

Mary LaPanta covered LeadStreet, and uttered the wisest words of the day:

"It's technology and it's going to_________."

(Discerning readers may fill in the blank and email it to Mary.)

..and Remax sales leader from Minnesota Mark Bartikoski covered a 10-point marketing program-mostly in the dark so we could see his cool animations on his Powerpoint. He talks with Kevin Dieck, below, during a break. Note the GRANDE cafe':

Mark had 10 great points, covering everything from using direct mail, stealth websites, how to show up at open houses even when you are deathly ill and using technologies like
RedX to capture expired listings and Obeo for an online marketing program to be able to just say NO to lowering commissions and working harder but crazier.

Well, what do Realtors like more than donuts and comfy chairs-besides commission checks?


Here we see the Remax throng pushing past the registration table one last time to fill their bling bags and hit the bricks running.

...the ReMax crew hit the road, too, heading south on Wisconsin HWY 41 and now we are holed up in Waukesha, waiting for a blizzard that we hope won't hold us up as we head for the Wisconsin Dells tomorrow afternoon.

For now, we got a few leftover cupcakes, raspberry Dasani water - and some great ideas to chew on during windshield time:

...I think I have to call my wife, if she remembers me....

I gotta go.



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