Saturday, April 28, 2007

...but Real Life is Really Crazier... we have all seen in past couple of weeks. For those of you who were looking for this blog - I hope you were able to get by without it for a while...but I am back, and not reluctantly.

All our lives lead us to those places where you see the sign even if it isn't posted:

You Are Here.

Not too many places where the past, present and future-uncertain as it is - all come together: Finding yourself in a hospital room, watching a loved one quietly leave this restless and radiant planet. Goodbye, Auntie Treva. We miss you.

Moving water, wind, sun and seeds working against the earth: day by day, hour by hour so slowly we are again amazed by the obvious result. Glowing hues of red, yellow, and blue slashed with green. Spring-finally.

Watching numbly as the same colors flow across the screen: young, bright,growing, promising, running, then falling, then not rising.

...and finally, a small safe place-a bench, a promise to listen and a hug. The picture was inside the paper, but should have been out front: a young woman near a bench and another sign: I will listen. Free hugs. She was hugging a cop.

Embracing where we are makes all the difference.

I gotta go.



Joseph Ferrara. Sellsius said...

welcome back O

teresa boardman said...

Welcome back dude! :)

Maureen Francis said...

Sorry about your loss, but bad you are back!

Obeoman said...

Thank you all so much. Really.