Friday, April 13, 2007

Brand Recognition, "Honey, I'm home," and other musings from the road...

...after slouching in the front door yesterday afternoon, raking through the email and finding the laundry room, I passed out on the sofa. This is what I dreamed of:

...of course, nothing is scarier to a real estate-consulting-marketing-guy like me than a room not full of Realtors.

But that wasn't the case Thursday as we stopped in the Wisconsin Dells at the Kalahari Resort, waterpark and convention center. (Us and the 45+ RE/MAX Realtors were the only people wearing long pants at this venue, I think.)

The folks in this central-northwestern part of the state have some awesome lakefront and vacation properties to sell, and RE/MAX is all over it to help them find the right buyer.

In fact, the RE/MAX name is so recognized, as I was standing in the hallway checking voice mails, a gentleman stopped by the table full of RE/MAX literature and started talking to me about the 300+ acres he had in the area and further north and he wanted to sell some land, develop some land, etc.-and was I a RE/MAX agent and could I help him?

(This is one of several times in my life I wished I were a Realtor.)

I told him while I was not working for RE/MAX (well, I guess right then I may have been),

I knew where I could find a RE/MAX agent or two.

I ducked into the conference room and tapped Peter on the shoulder:

(Peter is pretty high up in the RE/MAX ranks-as his uniform shows.) I told him there was someone in the hall asking for a RE/MAX agent. He nodded his head and, and stealthed his way to where Ann Baker of RE/MAX FIRST was in the room:

(Here we see Ann talking to Tia Peterson with RE/MAX Preferred in Madison.)

Needless to say Ann and the rest of the that RE/MAX agency will be working with that man on al of his real estate needs.

This little story points out: MARKETING and BRANDING equals ACHIEVEMENT. ...'nuff said.

The morning flew by and wrapped up pretty quick , but not without:

...Mary LaPanta helping out folks with a few points on LeadStreet.

Thank you, Mary!

Other Musings:

-Why was there a blizzrd in April?

-I really don't like ketchup in those little packets...

How does Mark Bartikoski find the BEST coffee wherever he goes?

-Can anyone explain why a pizza, a cheeseburger and two eggs for breakfast are each always $10.00 at any hotel?

-Are we doing this again next year? -

(By the way...the RE/MAX crew is getting ready for the Minnesota shows as we read this-safe travels, good sales and tall tales, gang!)

If we are, count me in - if you can stand to be around me for that long.


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teresa boardman said...

No you don't wish you were a realtor.