Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ideas are like compost...

...but they don't usually look like this:

(Mulch in my driveway awaiting composting stuff. )

...but are these good ideas? Like compost, it depends on what you mix in.

...Yeah, and bring a large cheese pizza... - Eppraisal. Drive-by. Ok. Are there going to be so many of these companies popping up that competing drive-by appraisals clogging the quiet neighborhood streets will become the norm? Sounds like an opportunity for Progressive, not the banks or home owners...Pass me the Parmesan.
One fish, two fish, Redfin, blue fish... - The Big Red Fish gives us its continuing take on flat fees, commission refunds and all the joys of a transparent market: they bring us a Real Estate Consumer's Bill Of Rights. Hey -don't we already have the Realtor Code of Ethics ? FHA? And all the state and federal fiduciary finery that comes with the career? I mean benevolent is good but who is going to sit on the Committee to Review Redundant Ethical Practices ? This is a watchdog chasing its tail.
Don't hesitate-aggregate: Zillow throws caution to the wind with its plan to be number one in the 2.0 world with consumer-owner-be-a-neighborhood-expert-faced-self-regulated-information-posted-by-the-homeowner-or-listing-agent-information-aggregation-location on the web. w0w. Can I borrow a cup of keywords, neighbor?

The Show That Never ENDS! - Even the folks at Sellsius missed this obvious match-up; they must still be recovering from the ProBlogger par-tay in the Big Apple:


Justin, who is currently lifecasting to the web and reality show Real Estate Confidential :Duh.
Give this guy his RE license and turn him loose on the real estate scene. Anywhere. Throw in a sub-prime lender backstory and use spare Fannie Mae workers for walk-ons. Now there is some emo-content for ALL of us.

Thanks for stopping by.
I gotta go compost.



jfsellsius said...

Someone ought to invite Justin to an Open house.

teresa boardman said...

Nice compost. You sure know how to have fun.

Obeoman said...

Well, thank you very much -I just wnat to keep it fresh...I mean...oh forget it...