Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cold Pizza, Bad Weather,Warm Hugs and Hot Ideas....Day 3

...waking up early in Waukesha is pretty easy if you have an alarm on your cell phone, a wake up call and an alarm clock all synched to go off at once. Ten minutes apart, and it's cold pepperoni pizza washed down a warm raspberry Dasani for breakfast instead of a yummy malted waffle.

Down in our meeting room at the Milwaukee Marriott West, we agreed the weather was pretty crummy. Well, beyond pretty crummy , and we looked out the window and wondered who would make it:

(Mother Nature knows how to brrrrrrrr-ing it on...)

...but by 8:35, we had nearly a full house of 45+ Badger State Realtors, and the mood was celebratory, partly because all had arrived safely despite the spring blizzard, and Realtors are generally a pretty social bunch of pastry and coffee-seekers who find their friends pretty easily in a crowd:

As we got down to business, I got some major help from Gary Gerhardt :

...from RE/MAX 100 who could explain - in detail - exactly what an enhanced membership to Realtor dot-com means and how it is handled. I had an IDEA, but Gary had the right answer. It was so detailed I can't even remember it, really-but the nodding heads of all the Realtors in the room reassured me I could still learn and talk at the same time - as long as I remember I have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

And Jean Henning really grilled me hard about why I was blogging and what good is it:

...and why does it matter and should she pay for it or could she do it for free - I just wanted to ask her how she manages 72 listings at once. I expect to see her blogging soon over at activerain.

...then the RE/MAX crew escaped Waukesha and made it to Wisconsin Dells:

Under less than ideal traveling conditions:

realizing an early bedtime is a great idea.

(...probably only Leonardo DaVinci had great ideas after midnight,


More tomorrow and glad for it,


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