Tuesday, September 9, 2008

WRA FALL 2008 CONVENTION:View from the booth

I love my clients.


...and I mean it.

Aside from keeping the roof up

(and making sure I am fed and watered)

they provide me with an endless stream

suggestions for continuous improvement.

And in these times, who does not need to

keep moving, keep changing, keep up

-just keep on keeping on.

I have yet to see a Realtor in the past three days-

or just about as long as I can remember-

that did not smile when they talked about their profession.

Oh sure,there were some sad smiles.

Exasperated smiles.

Toothy grins.

(Some, topped with a wink!)

Thanks, gang-the view from the booth is great.

And I am glad I do not have to wish you were here!

Come by and say:

"Have a nice day."

and get a free Obeo Homesite-I have two today.

Better still, if you buy an Obeo Homsite, we will

give you a free Obeo StyleDesigner!

And the best news: Verl Workman is here

to help you get your geek on with Free RE tech seminars all day!

Stop by!

Obeo National:800-729-6236

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