Monday, September 8, 2008

WOW-WRA! What a day and a night and a morning......

Speaking easy comes naturally to Realtors, I think.

There sure were some fancy dancers!

...and all that leads to WOW!

Off the golf course and outta the classes.

Get a thousand Realtors together and stand back!

You might even do (a little) business while you have fun.

There was no prohibition on either at the Roaring 20s Icebreaker.

A lot of people dressed to the nines or better,

getting reacquainted, introduced,

hugged, laughed at and with.

A whole lot of joy.

Add some good food and drink...

...for some people this morning it was a little more like


Present party included.

If you would like a free tour,

come see me in booth 65,

and say:


It won't hurt.

I promise!

Thanks for stopping by,

Obeo WI:262-325-8687
Obeo National:800-729-6236

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