Sunday, September 21, 2008

Voices from the Flood: Wendell, Michelle, the Flood Survivors and Volunteers Party!

This party was given by
my friends:
Ft. Atkinson flood victims
living along Milwaukee St.
to thank those who helped them
during the Rock River Flood of 2008.

The pictures,
the words and thoughts in the videos linked in this blog
of those who were there in the bad times and the good

are a powerful reminder of what we all value-
Community, family, friends, neighbors and gratitude.

Wendell (finally) looks rested.

Michelle and volunteer/coordinator Vicki Sherman
were enjoying the well-deserved day.

And at this party, everyone was your friend!

Plenty of dancing...

And of course, you have to stay hydrated...

...Don't let all those beans scare you...

(...Who really wants these shovels back-but the loan of the tools were appreciated!)


Sharing is part of what brings us closer together.

And what a perfect day to share!

...And of course, relax on a sandbag sofa!

The day wasn't nearly long enough

to recount the memories from the flood, let alone make room to remember the celebration!

Not that all the memories are good ones-

But Wendell and Michelle look forward to working on their lawn-

and their near-normal lives.

And that is great for now-I was glad I could help in any way.



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Anonymous said...

Steve- You're right Family, Friends, Community..and helping where and when we can. That's what life is about :)

Obeoman said...


Thanks for stopping by and your kind words!
How are things in your corner of the world?

philippine real estate said...

nice pictures steve...every people in the venue really enjoyed their stay there...the pictures proved these...

Obeoman said...

Wow! From Metro Manila in the Phillipines to Ft. Atkinson in Wisconsin.

It's a small world-blogging just makes it smaller.

Looks like STA. ELENA is the place to be near Manila.

Thanks for stopping by,