Monday, September 17, 2007

Realtors are going through the fan...

Teresa Boardman seemed a little crabby when I stopped by recently at her blog.
But not without reason.
She says Realtors need buyers, not a kick in the teeth from their licensing organizations or the boards that support Realtors, but still say there is an excess of Realtors walking around.
Needless to say, the market is giving Realtors, brokers, buyers, sellers and associated professionals - all of us - a push toward the fan.
(See photo below.)
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Well, there ain't nothing like social networking to pull you through the fan.

While this current market situation reflects the survival of the fittest-those that throw the biggest fit survive.
My home forum,, is looking at gathering as many of their over 11,000+ members as they can at the National Association of Realtors convention this November- so follow the link and join up, even if you can't get to Vegas. I am hoping to be there early, myself.
So, what is going to happen as we go through the fan together?

Well, the reality of transparent information , a flattening marketplace and the competition they generate will thin out any labor force- including Realtors.
Okay, there are many other forces at work here and this may be an oversimplification, but the fact is the shakeout is here for Realtors and everyone who works with or for them.
Keeping it short and simple: no one wants to eat their young.
In the thick of this you have to look way ahead and see what is already emerging: Realtors need buyers, buyers are online, online companies like Zill-Ow are serving those buyers and the FSBOS are serving them too, -up to 20% or better in one of my core markets.
Ramping up education and keeping an eye on standards could be one trend worth shouting about. And that is a good thing for the profession of Realtors and housing consumers alike.
Realtors who are serious are all experts at some things.
It seems that Realtors may become experts on what to know,
not how to sell or to whom.
But hey, I'm just turning on the roller grill with you...
Pass the ketchup, please....


teresa boardman said...

Dude! I get cranky, but never crabby.

Obeoman said...

Cranky it is......