Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Donut on a Stick - Defined- from Inman Wiki

(Donut on a Stick-Comfort Food for Realtors.)

(Due to a very large amount of interest lacking in the previous post, I offer the following for clarification-Obeoman)

Donut on a stick:

Device used to lure Realtors into buy marketing, technology and on line services they desperately need (more than the donut on a stick.)

Averaging approximately 300- 1,300 calories per serving, depending on if is just a plain cake donut or if it is chocolate-covered,creme filled or has sprinkles on it the donut on a stick classifies as comfort food for Realtors.

The stick itself is approximately 6-7 inches in length, round, made of wood of undetermined nature, between an eighth and a quarter of an inch in diameter and pointed on one end.

(Health note: the stick is not edible, and will not support a "For Sale" sign. As it is not edible for health reasons it should not be re-used at other sales meetings to skewer another pastry or used to arrange paperwork in a tidy stack for closings.)

Supplied and distributed by vendors, who may or may not be preferred, (depending on the brokerage being visited,) consumption of the donut on a stick usually occurs during, but is not limited to sales meetings.
Office decorum demands that there be at least one (1) donut on a stick per person attending the sales meeting. The donut on a stick may be shared, but solely at the discretion of the real estate agent holding the stick.

(Safety Note: The donut on a stick should never be consumed while driving, as it may interfere with essential activities like answering a cell phone, plugging in your laptop or making a showing on time.)

While the donut on a stick may not be favored just by Realtors, it should be noted they most understand the content of the donut and its central element.



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teresa boardman said...

Are we having a bad day? Realtors don't need technology, we need buyers. :) there I said it.