Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Markets are like donuts - who do you face?

As ideas are like compost, so Donuts will bring you a customer or two, despite all the gluten-intolerant and calorically-conscious people out there.
The hard sell does not work; the real evidence of this: the fact that most Realtors still do not have a website. (You do have to have donuts for this group -reaching them on the phone is possible but may take all year.)
The other group of Realtors still do not understand the basic premise that marketing is achievement, not activity. They point themselves at marketing programs reluctantly, often not considering the cost and are often sold a bill of goods on DIY, SEO and SMS ending up with alphabet soup and nothing S-O-L-D. (For this group, you sometimes need therapy.)
The rest of the Realtors and brokers often stare at each other before the stare at a vendor. The broker will usually tell a vendor all his Realtors work independently, so a meeting with them will be tough. And these Realtors know what they are doing, often don't want to work in teams, but can't figure out what globalization is doing to the real estate market, don't honestly believe that they are a conduit for information and service specialists and get beat down with the commission stick by sellers. (Their stare is a hungry look. They need to eat, obviously - but they don't necessarily want to pick up the tab.)
So who do face?
Do we use the consumer to drive the Realtor to the vendor?

Or should we put the donuts on a stick?


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