Saturday, September 22, 2007

Flipping Your But(t)...

We will get to the above stated sentiment in a moment, but first:

...isn't this Be-Utah-Ful?

When you get out of bed and this is the first thing you see, you know you are pretty close to corporate headquarters in downtown Salt Lake City for our annual-see-me-hug-me-once-a-year-meeting.

The Obeo agenda:

Flipping Your But(t), A Chris Farley look-alike, a Star-Trek murder-mystery, pushing 50-pound ammo cans over the bridge you just built from a piece of rope and two battered pieces of 6-inch wide aluminum over three feet of very cold water or hard concrete or gravel .

Here is one of the bridges, supported by a lot of trust:

Every day we are each faced with challenges we choose by choice:

Being on this fence – actually any fence – right now is probably more dangerous than waiting in line to summit Everest. You might get comfortable,

...or just get used to the pain in your butt.

Who can afford to be on the fence? Get off it or over it. Fall off it if you have to.

The grass is greener on the other side, anyway.

The Obeo crew spent Friday doing just that by building bridges – crummy ones, with bent and battered pieces of metal, frayed ropes and high hopes they would take us over the obstacles in the Leadership Reaction Course at a Utah National Guard camp just outside Salt Lake City.
But we didn't do it alone – we did it with each other and with a lot of discussion – some of it just a little edgy, all of it pointing the way through.

That's all the market is right now. Something to get over.

So: team up with others in your brokerage. Pool your talent. Hold your commissions. Be a team.

Change the way you think about the market. Be an expert on neighborhood information. The listings are out there. You can win them.

Commit to a marketing program where you know the buyers are – on line. Tell your sellers you won't take a listing if it ain't going on line, with a lead capture tool and then price it right.

Let your knowledge guide your behavior, and keep refreshing that knowledge.

So Flip Your But(t)!


“I could sell these places,


...the buyers won't move on price and the surplus inventory keeps growing.”

(Now flip it:)

"The buyers won't move on price and the surplus inventory keeps on growing,


if I show them where they buyers are, put their listing there and tell them we are going to look at the numbers in a couple weeks, I know I can sell it."

Now, did that hurt? Feel better?

Good - see you at the Wisconsin Realtors Association get-together !

I gotta go..


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