Friday, June 26, 2009

Now What?

Now What?

(another great meal at Scottie's) empty plate does not always mean a full stomach,

and the times reflect that.

Politics, real estate, the economy .

An Iranian envoy says the CIA might have been involved in the shooting of Neda,

our government is investing $6 billion in foreclosed real estate,


Billionaire Warren Buffett says we may need a second stimulus package.

Hardly a need to super size what is going on now, is there?

History is driving through.

And everyone is probably, silently, to themselves

screaming for a break.

Let's all do that.

Take five, or an hour or some vacation-if you can.

Hone some old skills, learn some new ones, embrace disruption,
revive a tradition.

Spend your change on your favorite dessert,

...and don't forget to put your dishes in the sink.


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