Saturday, March 31, 2007

Free Saturday Special, comin' up at Scottie's Eat-Mor

...too rainy and early to get a phone call - friend of wife, calling to go out for a morning walk...she asked how I was and I said fine as frogs-hair. By the time I got the phone to my wife who was still laying in bed, her friend was talking about how she used to sex African clawed frogs. I told here I don't mess with amphibians that sound like they need a bad movie to work in and escaped out of the house to Scottie's, a nicotine-hazy haven of caffeinated and caloric bliss. The crowd is always on time, the counter has been there since 1937 and today, Bob, who worked there in the '40s, came in to see if Scottie and Jackie, his waitress, could use a little help.
Scottie's is the only place where you ask for nothing and get half
-the BIG half you wanted when you were a kid.

We could all use a little Scottie's.
I gotta go.


Scottie mans the grill, Jackie takes the orders.
A rare trip behind the counter: Breakfast under construction!
The Special of the Day.
Ahhhhhhh...gimme a fork!

Bob used to work at Scottie's back in the '40s.

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