Thursday, March 29, 2007

Please throw up in the Blogvertisement...

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The last time we left our fearless blogger, he noticed there were minor rumbles in the bloggosphere between Inman News, WannaNetwork, and Mary McKnight .

Seems there is still a difference of opinion as to what is relevant blogging and what is not. Ms. McKnight replied to me and said Alexa told her traffic was flattening at ActiveRain and WannaNetwork. (Small-er) numbers do tell a story-which one does this point to? Maybe Inman, WannaNetwork and McKnight should all walk a mile-together-in each others' bloggin' shoes: Inman likes to report on the edge, McKnight really knows her stuff about blogging and WannaNetwork has the audience captive. It will be neat to see what happens here - sometimes any action is better that no action.

Anyway, Real Estate Tomato over at ActiveRain must have felt those rumbles (...okay, I got some emails, posts and a reply or two at MyBlogLog yesterday,-thanks, Sellsius!) because the Pomodoro saw it coming, too - the change in blogging, you know, the paradigm shift?

The one where expectation overtakes content?

Yup, Coldwell Banker must have seen it coming, too:
Coldwell Banker Just Threw Up All Over the Real Estate Bloggosphere.

Yuck - did they get any on you? And when did all this nausea start? Are we all gonna get sick?
Is there gonna be enough cybervaccine to go around at 2nd Life ?

It's a pretty basic discussion: big real estate company tries to meet Web 2.0 expectations and gets slammed for having a canned product.

So if this is supposedly THE Big Year of Real Estate Blogging, where have all the Betas gone?
Doesn't anyone get to make a fumbling start and improve? Can I get a bucket, or a witness?

The nausea comes: just because you may have been at it longer, and have been working harder, and might be better at blogging than ALL the Realtors at Coldwell Banker -where is the love here? Okay, it can be said that these people may need some guidance and some coaching - or maybe, just maybe, Coldwell Banker is going to let them do whatever they want with these new consumer-facing blogs : post listings, send out CWB real estate tips or (shudder) blog about their dog.

Geez, if enough people do this - it just might become acceptable - and maybe under a different name, like blogvertisement.- (Thanks to Alex J. Stenback at his site - he may have invented this term.)

I feel a sniffle coming on. I gotta go.

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