Monday, April 6, 2009

Living in Change

"Everything changes, nothing remains without change." -Gautama Buddha

Like anything else, there are different levels of change:

You can change your socks, what you have for breakfast and your address all in the same day.

Or are those choices, and not really change?

Maybe-just maybe-the difference between choice and change is if we actually do it.

(If is a funny word, too-but let's stick to change today and not sit too long under the Bhodi tree.)

So okay, there you have it: Change.

We are all past the point in our lives and work where changing is negotiable.

In fact, Change has taken on some Darwinistic flavor, and shoves us all back into considering the fear of the unknown.

We have to learn to live in change, not just change when circumstances dictate it for our economic, physical or emotional survival.

Living in change is always moving, always looking forward, watching the horizon come closer, fade-and become invisible at times.

We will sometimes lose our bearings and maybe get lost.

But look at what is happening all around you.

And be a part of it.

Start living in change.


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