Thursday, April 23, 2009

FIVE free fabulous tools for website building, document sharing and photo editing!

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...No foolin'....
Just free, for you:
Free online document depository for storage, display and distribution of collateral material. Think community with document sharing: almost all common document formats supported for web use, download and email sharing via webmail and also sharing for social networks.
Free Flash-based, search-engine friendly website builder. Hosting and design services available.
Free: Create any website type and create an unlimited number of websites: Blogs, Content Style, Salesletter Style! Subdomain/domain hosting available.
Free, advanced digital photo editor: The GNU Image Manipulation Program.
Freeware, shareware tools and great video how-to tutorials, and for the geek in all of us. (Searching real estate at the site-over 300 hits and hints popped up!

(...don't forget: .)

Create. Have fun. Share. Sell. Smile.

...And grow!



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