Tuesday, March 31, 2009

31 Ideas for Social Media Content or Updates

Ideas for Social Media Content or Updates
(...just a few thoughts to help things along for everyone-almost all of these can be either a photo, update item or a blog idea. Use common sense, get permissions and give credit when linking and have fun!)

1.) Your city parks and park board program schedules.

2.) Arts programs for kids!
3.) Recycling pick-up dates.
4.) Local prep high school scores of your favorite team.
5.) A local popular cafe-a great recipe from a great place.
6.) Got any street musicians out in the early spring weather?
7.) The dates property taxes are due.
8.) The owner of the pink or purple home.
9.) Oldest or historical home in the community.
10.) Volunteer efforts in your community.
11.) A local historical monument or location in your community.
12.) A listing.
13.) A market report.
14.) Bingo night schedule for seniors and everyone!
15.) The local notice of the blood drive.
16.) A local popular gift shop.
17.) A local popular coffee shop-different than a cafĂ©…just work it.
18.) Community US Census information-population, ratio of men to women, household income, etc.
19.) Links to current or historical maps of the town or area.
20.) Community school news: kindergarten, elementary, middle, junior and high school reports:student population, number of teachers, number of graduates, those that went to college, etc.
21.) Dates/time/place of the local Farmer’s Market.
22.) There are 365 holidays in a year-which one is today?
23.) There are 52 weeks in a year-which one is this?
24.) Links to historical photos of the area or the county historical society.
25.) Housing trends and consumer RE news: first time buyer info, rehab programs, utility assistance programs, etc.
26.) Mortgage rates update.
27.) Schedule of local "dump day" or the hours of the community compost lot.
28.) Schedule of the local zoning commission meetings.
28.) Points in the fair housing law.
29.) Seasonal home maintenance tips.
30.) Home inspection and assessment tips and information.
31) Link to your favorite plumber, electrician, carpenter, mason or painter.
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Brenda said...

Great list of ideas, Steve!

Steven Stearns said...

Thanks Brenda-you are welcome to them!