Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some quiet thoughts on home ownership....

A house.
A yard.
Family-Mom, Dad, Kids, Pets.
Home sweet home.
9 million people slated to get help.
It's a start:

Special thanks to the gang at Trulia for going out,

talking to the public

and getting these quiet thoughts together for us-

in the midst of all the clamor.

Saving one home is a good start.

And Realtors are there to help:

with their knowledge of local markets

and other knowledge they can find and share,

they can help guide almost any homeowner

to what is practical and possible in their own unique situation.





Anonymous said...

Very nice, I think one of the better spots I've seen, doesn't feel commercialized, more genuine, reality tv like..... by the way I stole the link from you :-)


Steven Stearns said...


Pass it on! It is a great piece by the folks at Trulia, and a great example of going out and listening to the market.

Nest time, you can tell us who you are and what you have been up to!