Friday, February 20, 2009

25 random things social media can do for your business

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1. Social media will help you face the consumer.

and it will help:

2. Protect your reputation.

3. Protect your products.

4. Protect your trademarks.

5. Protect your branding.

6. Create relationships.

7. Improve customer service.

8. Monitor direct consumer feedback.

9. Make you transparent to the consumer.

10. Recruit qualified employees.

11. Communicate in the quickest manner possible.

12. Keep an eye on the competition.

13. Find ideas to grow your market.

14. Find money. (Yes, it IS out there.)

15. Defuse potential unpleasant situations.

16. Share ideas-and incentives.

17. Attend events you couldn't afford to travel to.

18. Increase collaboration.

19. Decrease costs.

20. Create buzz for your company.

21. Listen to your market.

22. Make you nimble.

23. Identify loyal consumers and new consumers.

24. Increase your influence.

25. Embrace change.



Patrick Allmond said...

I'm going to make a PP slide out this . Excellent list. Will credit u.

Steven Stearns said...


Thanks-your comment was hung up in moderation and I could not get in there for a while.

Transparency and sharing are at the core of social media-thanks much for stopping by and for the kudos!


Darren Kittleson said...

Steve-love this list! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Steven Stearns said...


Thank you so much-and I appreciate your appreciation of these points.

Share them as you wish-they are not likely to get worn out or become obsolete anytime soon. :)

Thanks for stopping by,