Monday, February 9, 2009

Are you swimming in the Dead Pool?

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...or are you just holding your nose
and hoping you come up OK?
Better look around before you jump in:
15 major US business concerns were put in
a dead pool of sorts for 2009 over at
Reading a little like a review-Circuit City, Chrysler and Blockbuster-
there were some interesting candidates for the floater crew:
Krispy Kreme-come on, I thought I was throwing them a line
the last time I got on the scale;
Rite Aid-you can't make money selling Viagra
...AND overpriced SoBe energy drinks?
Station Casinos-where DID the money go here?
All of those and the rest on the list deserve the attention they are getting.
And then some.
One stands out: Realogy.
No big secret. The general opinion is they have had
a very, very hard time since last year.
Not to oversimplify, but the obvious question:
With their premier franchises and branding,
it makes you wonder what is going to happen
to those franchises, Brokers and Agents-
and one-in-four homes (or so) bought and sold
Realogy says involved/was touched by a branded affiliate of theirs.
Right now, no one is buying much of anything.
And it is getting harder for Realogy
and a whole lot of other businesses to buy time.
Many of them up to their noses in debt, interest payments
-and a lack of effective consumer engagement.
The ripples in the water have yet to turn into
the froth and confusion of a feeding frenzy.
So, are you treading water in the dead pool,
or are you growing your social networks?

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