Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Do you want a million buyers?

You missed them...if you didn't post your listing at Obeo.

Really, - over one million buyers.

(Actually, it was 1.3 million, but who's counting?)

Their Realtors know about our great tools:

Obeo HomeSite - a unique, Realtor-branded website for each listing.

StyleDesigner - redecorate the listing on line-before they move in.

SpaceDesigner - move their furniture in without the backache. And move it again.

ObeoConnect - they can connect to Realtors direct, in Spanish or English.

And, any Realtors using Obeo can answer all these questions:

How many people came to see my home?

What rooms were they in?

Did they send you an email to schedule a showing?

Here's your chance to get your listings in front of the market:

Obeo: 1-800-729-6236 for service in your area.

Obeo Wisconsin: 262-325-8687
You're the expert.
Call us.

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