Monday, February 25, 2008

Don't be a sad clown...

(Sad clown found in Google image search) why be sad when you can be be glad?
Glad knowing:
-you are getting a REAL marketing program:
-one million buyers a month are going to Obeo!
-full service-order on the phone or on line
-the pictures get taken, uploaded and everything else is done by us!
-you get really good content,
-really great branding,-yours!

-really great web exports,
-really great tools that you KNOW buyers
(and sellers)
really love; being able to:
redecorate online, move furniture, and
up to 30% off your time on market.
-plus statistcal reporting that tells you and your seller
your listing is getting seen.


Daltonsbriefs said...

Steve, thanks for prodding me a bit on twitter this week. Been a cruddy week and I enjoyed jumping over to see your site. I think I was here some time ago, but have now subscribed.

I will now stumble, digg, facebook, plaxo, and twit a post of yours. A fun game I play where I see how long it takes me to do all of them. Ready get set go!

Obeoman said...


I owed you one from back in the MyBLogLog Days...the sheer presence of you avatar with that damn big cigar always made me think-yes I can be successful and smoke a big cigar too! And wear a Santa hat!

Thanks for stopping buy!