Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Win. List. Sell. Faster.

Win the listing.
Sell the home faster.

Obeo and HomeSite can take up to 30% off the time on market for your listing.
Obeo is the on line leader.
But we don't say so.
1,000,000 buyers come to Obeo every month to look at listings.
HomeSite and other products:
keep the buyers coming back.
To you.
The Realtor.
The expert in the home ownership cycle.

Call nationally for Obeo services in your area:
Call in Wisconsin:
Steve Stearns
Obeo WI Consultant
I can also help you with your blogging, social networks
and online communities!

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grow-a-brain said...

Thank you again, Steven, for participating in my little survey about the state of the market.

I need to go back to work....

Hanan Levin
realhanan at