Saturday, January 3, 2009

A walk on the roof.... not something you would do in January.
Well, unless you had to. And were really, really careful.

(ss photo)

Again, I am NOT telling you to literally do this-
but imagine how far you could see-
and who could see you
if you could stand on the roof of all of your listings.
Simple enough idea.
And that is what social networking is all about.
Let's get a ladder!
Anyone. Anywhere. Anything.
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Ricardo Bueno said...

I have to say, social media is a very powerful marketing tool! One that I think will be embraced more and more by people as we move into the new year! Unfortunately, I think many will struggle in finding what works and what doesn't...

Steven Stearns said...


My first guest in my new home-welcome and thanks!

You are so right.

There is a lot to learn about social networking. There is enough sand in the hourgals and enough sand on the beach for everyone to take a walk!

...And who doesn't want to take a walk on the beach?