Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Preaching to a mute choir.....

You know you can hear... why aren't you singing ?
The housing consumer is dying to hear your song:
"...95% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 44 who bought a home last year used social networking sites at least a few times a week, and a majority used them daily...."
"according to NAR...44% of all buyers use social networking every day."
Your audience, your market, is standing in the front row.
They are filling up the seats in the auditorium.
They have their ticket and are standing in line waiting
for the next sold-out performance.
And they are bringing their friends, neighbors and yes-their kids!
Are you going to the show?
Why aren't you on the way to the stage?
Why aren't you singing your lungs out?
...or at least tuning up.
The world is all ears.
And waiting to hear from YOU.
The neighborhood expert.
To sing the praises of the schools, parks, coffee shops, beauty salons,
restaurants, pubs, libraries,
-and that great listing you just grabbed.
Do it.
Don't wait for the fat lady.

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