Monday, December 3, 2007

Real Estate Video is NOT the consumer choice.

I hope this real estate video works...hope the lighting is costs a lot...
where does it go?...who is seeing it?...does this really work?

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Sellsius offers up a late serving of turkey with a video from Brian Copeland , a Realtor in Nashville. (His blog, Nashville and Beyond, has decent content and some pretty funny and fun things things to know about the area.)

Even though the market forces have virtual tours as the leading form of RE marketing-over a million buyers a month visit Obeo-once more we have to hear how RE web video is the way to go.

My reply at Sellsius:


Virtual tours are the most widely used form of web RE marketing; this is what the consumer wants because this is where the consumer money is being spent.

Video tours do not work for most listings because:

-Video tours are not aggregated or distributed effectively on the web.
-Video tours lack visual quality: most RE video is poor to average.
-Video tours are not cost effective for most listings.


Virtual tours are the leading form of marketing properties on the web:
Sellers list with Realtors who sell,and Realtors who sell are using millions-perhaps billions, worldwide - virtual tours to market listings.

Because it is cost and labor intensive, RE web video remains a niche tool for luxury listings, unique locations and as a marketing tool for funny, charismatic or extremely dynamic Relators or agencies.

By the way, keep an eye on the blog here - in the coming weeks, Obeo will be showing you why virtual tours are and will remain the best way to market any property on line or anywhere. How buyers love virtual tours, and sellers love them, too.

Buyers want to own their home when they see it on line.

Obeo will help them do that, and more.

I gotta go sell something!


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T said...

Nice post and I will add that most of the people telling us to use video or that video is the "big thing" are vendors who sell video related products. Just as you work with virtual tours. But I do agree with you just the same. So may listings don't have but one picture, we know that consumer want pcitures and they want them fast.