Monday, November 12, 2007

Top 12 Real Estate Predictions for 2008


1.) Google corporate jets will feature scrolling AdSense banners on their sides, or tow signs behind them as they fly over beaches.

By the way, you won't need a crystal ball for your sellers


Obeo HomeSite and Obeo StyleDesigner.

(Available after January 21st)

2.) Redfin will give away Snoopy Catch-'Em kits to each lister, with free linkbait.

3.) ActiveRain will provide free umbrellas to each Realtor at its site to protect them from getting soaked by falling prices.

4.) Pat Kitano at Transparent RE will move into a new glass headquarters in Pomona, CA. To stimulate the local economy and discourage the proverbial rock throwing, Pat will hire displaced mortgage brokers to police the grounds for any other offending projectiles.

5.) RISMedia’s Annual Leadership Conference will undergo a format change, a cross between Big Brother and Survivor. Hosted by David Hasselhoff, it will only be available by satellite subscription service.

6.) Zillow will use street teams to meme their brand and have street team members carry bells and buckets to enhance cash flow.

7.) The crew at Sellsius, inspired by their successful '08 nationwide blogging tour, will form a Band of Bloggers - like Brian Setzer's, only bigger and more verbose-and go on tour to over 1,500 real estate brokerages, playing at lunchtime in the parking lot.

8.) Inman TV will host a reality series of the Sellsius tour, partnering with Teresa Boardman to vlog and blog the performances.

9.) Trulia Voices, not to be outdone, will go out on a choral tour featuring songs with lyrics based on answers to questions posted at the site. Performance MP3s will be posted free at their site and will also be available as ring tones.

10.) NAR CEO Dale Stinton will go on a consumer-based diet including non-fat technology commodities.

11.) Upstart on line real estate community Wannanetwork will be bought by Donald Trump and leased to AT&T, forming a worldwide network of networks.

12.) Obeo and Krispy-Kreme form a strategic alliance to enhance delivery of its donut-on-a-stick incentive to all eligible-and hungry-Realtors attending their sales presentations.

Obeoair is at NAR this week, so check us out or email me for details!

...what we got, you want!



Pat Kitano said...

Hey Steve, I have a funny story for you... I was over at CAR's conference last month and happened across the OBEO booth in the exhibition hall, whereupon I asked "where is my bud, the Obeoman?"

A few confused looks later from the marketing manager, I had to pull out Obeoman's picture on my Treo and proclaimed: "he is your icon, your brand name... treat him special!"

I hope that got back to ya!

And I'd love to open an office in Pomona, I already have my crew of loan henchmen ready to roll/toll...

John Valente said...

"1.) Google corporate jets will feature scrolling AdSense banners on their sides, or tow signs behind them as they fly over beaches."

Speaking of Google, have you seen their "StreetView" feature in their maps??? Holy cow! I'm wondering if anyone in RE has done a "virtual drive by" yet. If you haven't seen it yet, GO to and type in a major city address (they're just getting started in southern Ca, so you might try a San Diego or Los Angeles address). So now, you can set up your listing on your site and then create a link to the "StreetView" feature and your client can check out the house, neighborhood, and surrounding area without getting in a car. ESPECIALLY, if the house listing has one of those 3D virtual tours also. Wow, house hunting just got easier!

Best Regards,


Rob Lawrence said...

The idea about doing a virtual drive-by of the neighborhood on Google is priceless. Just saved me a whole bunch of gas and wasted time.
Rob Lawrence

Obeoman said...


It is a great tool for overview, that is for sure.

If you don't like it on Google,
probably wouldn't like it in RL.

Thanks for stopping by,


Missy said...

Very funny, sometimes things we laugh at come true. Pass the hot ones, Steve.

Obeoman said...


Here ya go,-take a plateful of hot ones! And keep laughing with me-we can all use it right now in thsi market!

Thanks for stopping by!