Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bad Blogger - go lay by your dish...

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...of course, after wandering for 60+ days and nights in the non-blogging wilderness,
the Prodigal Real Estate Marketing Guy returns.

What did he learn as he wandered far from blogging?

Inman TV can actually get over a thousand people to view an online video - gee, how come that many can't seem to find their way to an on line video tour of the average listing? (See blog below: "A Short Course In Internet RE Video.")

Teresa Boardman looks practically Presidential on the Inman tube!

The Printed Word Has Power : Why else would Rupert Murdoch spend that kind of money - oh wait, the whole web asset cross-partnership-thing might be skewing reality here...

bankruptcies and foreclosures are just the market's way of saying to the Fed, "We really like our funds quick-fried to a crunch, and not delicately baked like a derivative..."

...and when the market turns down, you have to look up. There has never been a better time to shake out all of what you are doing for your marketing plan and look at it inside out, unseemly stains and all.

Get on line, Get blogging, Get your Niche carved out and get ready for the tide to rise.

This is like surfing - you have to paddle out and wait for the wave you want to ride.

No one is going to give you a push.

Well, if you are good enough, you might get a treat.

All for now. Glad to be back. Anyone out there?



teresa boardman said...

Are you saying I look like an older guy with a receding hairline?

Obeoman said...

No! Not at all...But you do have a very strong first-term-Clinton thing happening...I mean it's GOOD - the placement near the moderator and everything - and the pix of the weenie roast just round out the whole "I'm-really-not running-but-would-serve-if-asked..." zen..I think you could probably blog about yourself for a while if you wanted to...