Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Dane County Community Blog Network

This guy built it-with a smile!

My friend in real life Pat Laemmrich

loves what he does.

Pat has been working for the better part of a decade

helping Realtors and small businesses

get noticed more.

So, he decided to build the

Dane County Community Blog Network .

(okay, I helped a little...)

It's a 14-blog, multi-website,


Each blog is jam-packed full of HD video real estate listings,

like this one:

(YouTube - WhirligigMarketing)

...and there are also links to community, school, local government

and even some news and goings-on!

Pat says the idea is simple -

everyone, everywhere has a story to tell,

and he helps them tell it better.

You can get ahold of of Pat here.

Or on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, -

Basically everywhere.

(But if you tell him I sent you,
don't be surprised if he chuckles a bit...)

Gotta run, the sun is out!


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