Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Antiques Roadshow, here we come!

Antiques Roadshow, here we come!

(SHS Photo)

Maybe furniture is just as crazy as real estate.

BFF Theresa -(seen smiling in this photo)-

stands in our living room behind

an 1820s-30s Philadelphia Empire chair.

A few weeks ago, she sent in some pics and a description to

Antiques Roadshow on PBS

and well, they are coming to get the piece right now for the show

in Madison, WI this weekend.

How did we get this chair?

From my Mom, who found it in a second-hand store in Grand Marais, MN

(years ago)

for like, between 30-50 bucks.

It had been retired from being the throne

for the Queen of the annual Fisherman's Picnic,

as she rode around in the back of a pick-up truck.

The very comfy chair has been around since I was a kid

and it has visited all my siblings.

Since then, Theresa found out as she researched it for a paper at UW-Madison

it has, well, an interesting-

and possible rarefied history.

This is going to be a highlight of Theresa's professional life as

a master upholsterer, antique/restoration shop owner,

furniture design and operations manager

and manager of a a high-end retail furnishings store.


I hope the Keno Brothers don't catch me napping in it

while we wait for the appraisal.

More later as we head to the show,




jest ducki said...

Let me know how that works out for you! I collect antiques, and Antiques Road Show is one of my favorite shows.

Steven Stearns said...


We had a great experience and are still mulling it over. I may post some details later this week.