Sunday, December 28, 2008

YOU FOUND ME!...(again)

(graphic from

Well, thanks for stopping by!

Sorry about the confusion and the boxes, but what I can tell you is this:

I am still here.

Well, so is most everyone else!

Ready to listen. To create and share ideas. To market some of my own, hopefully, (and have something to share with the wolf...)

But most of all, to keep it real and keep it crazy.

And of course, it will be great to see some new scenery.


How can I help you? Just wire me!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


...and don't hate me-I am in FLORIDA!

Our Holiday Sale is still on through the end of the month-scroll down

and check it out!

And right down there, too, is great news-

you can place your listings in over 40 social networks

with our Obeo HomeSite!

...have a great holiday!

I will be out of the office and out of Wisconsin on vacation from December 20, 2008 through January 1, 2009,

returning to work January 2nd, 2009 in the a.m.

I will be returning urgent emails and phone calls as necessary.If you need any other assistance with Obeo, like immediate help to set up your account, order a tour or need technical/email support, please call Obeo at 1-800-729-6236.Also,

Obeo is having a holiday sale on Obeo services!
Get your promotion info for Wisconsin at:

For information on the Obeo Holiday Sale outside of Wisconsin, please call our toll-free number.At Obeo, we know Realtors ROCK!- and we want to keep you rolling.Follow this link to our Microsite for info and to demo our products:

HomeSite, StyleDesigner, SpaceDesigner and ObeoConnect:

...and this link to great videos about how Obeo works for you-

Have a great holiday season!

Steven Stearns



Obeo Sales-Tech Support: 800-729-6236

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

THE Incredible Embeddable Tour for Your Social Networks

I have a new address on the web-just click and bookmark below!
Steve Stearns
Anyone. Anywhere. Anything.
Experienced Social Network Building
Content Creation for Commerce, Creatives and Citizens
See you there!
(Click on the pic to see it in action at Activerain!)

Obeo Adds Social Media Feature to HomeSite Product Toolbox Users can share, embed, link and e-mail HomeSite virtual tours with others

(SALT LAKE CITY, Utah) – Obeo, a leading provider of full-service residential real estate online marketing products in North America, has added a new social media feature for users of its HomeSite product.
Obeo HomeSite is a unique online marketing tool created with the customer in mind. Potential buyers can view the home through photos and panoramas, click and drag furniture onto an interactive floor plan and "virtually" customize the home, creating an engaging, personalized experience.
The new social media feature added to the HomeSite Tools section allows users to add their HomeSite virtual tour to dozens of social media Web sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace. They can also share and bookmark it through StumbleUpon, Digg or Delicious, some of the latest social media bookmarking Web sites.
"This new social media feature allows Obeo clients to promote their listings like never before," said Andy Evans, Founder and Director of Product Strategy. "With just a few clicks, our client's listings are instantly promoted to friends, family and thousands of potential buyers on the Web who are looking for a new home."
Users also have the ability to send their HomeSite virtual tour via e-mail as well as link to the tour from their personal/company Web site or MLS system, customizing the settings to have the link appear and function in whatever way desired.
Embedding the HomeSite tour right into a Web page or blog is also offered, making it appear as if the tour is running right on the Web site rather than linking out to another site or launching in a pop-up window. Most people are familiar with this concept because of YouTube videos. The HomeSite tour can be set to automatically play as a slide show and adjusted to fit into the user screen space available directly within the blog or website it is posted within.
The new social media feature is another additional tool to engage consumers and real estate professionals alike. As a part of Obeo's included services, when a home is listed on Obeo HomeSite, the listing is automatically syndicated to many of the top listing services, including Yahoo! Real Estate, Zillow, Trulia and Google Base Real Estate, giving the listing maximum exposure.
With offerings such as the social media feature, along with virtual tours, customized printing and professional photography, Obeo is paving the way in customizing the world of real estate for its consumers.
About Obeo:
Since its inception in 1999 and its evolution from 360 House to Obeo in 2004, the Salt Lake City, Utah-based company has become the largest preferred supplier of full-service residential real estate online marketing products in the United States and Canada. The Latin word for "to go to" or "to encompass," Obeo provides REALTORS®, homebuilders, land developers and property managers with customized online marketing solutions and offline sales tools. To find out more, go to

Have fun and grow your business with it, gang!




Obeo National: 800-729-6236

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dodging bullets, blizzards and the blues...

First, I just wanna say

I am SO glad

my blog did not wind up on this list,
and out of gratitude, we are offering discounts
on all Obeo marketing packages- the promo code is below!

(...dodged that one...!)

(...if you would like to nominate me next time,

well, that is up to you.)

Huge obvious update:

The market is a little chilly.

That kind of chill can make you blue.

Obeo says so what-let's turn up the heat:

Promotion Dates: Dec. 8th - 31st, 2008

To order your Obeo tour,

please call our toll-free number (1-800-729-6236)

to take advantage of the extra discount on multiple tours.

Simply mention the 'Obeo Christmas Gift' to your Obeo customer service representative to receive your discount.

Agents!: President of RE/MAX Preferred Dennis Midthun approved this offer!

Even though Winter may be back-

(and my back is out-a little...)

snowy mornings are beautiful,

as long as the snowblower starts when you want it to!

(Old Faithful-Thanks, Dad for moving to a condo!)

Let's all dig out!




Obeo National:800-729-6236

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Clients for life...why not?

Are you a client for life?
Think about it-you probably have a favorite brand or two;
some boots, clothing, apparel, auto or an appliance you just will not do without.
Now-what about YOUR clients-
Think about them.
How are you making them yours?:
It's easy.
Give them a reason-a good one-and they will stick with you.
Sounds like a win-win!
Thanks for stopping by,
(by the way, you can play with the StyleDesigner here!)
Obeo National:800-729-6236