Tuesday, December 23, 2008


...and don't hate me-I am in FLORIDA!

Our Holiday Sale is still on through the end of the month-scroll down

and check it out!

And right down there, too, is great news-

you can place your listings in over 40 social networks

with our Obeo HomeSite!

...have a great holiday!

I will be out of the office and out of Wisconsin on vacation from December 20, 2008 through January 1, 2009,

returning to work January 2nd, 2009 in the a.m.

I will be returning urgent emails and phone calls as necessary.If you need any other assistance with Obeo, like immediate help to set up your account, order a tour or need technical/email support, please call Obeo at 1-800-729-6236.Also,

Obeo is having a holiday sale on Obeo services!
Get your promotion info for Wisconsin at:

For information on the Obeo Holiday Sale outside of Wisconsin, please call our toll-free number.At Obeo, we know Realtors ROCK!- and we want to keep you rolling.Follow this link to our Microsite for info and to demo our products:

HomeSite, StyleDesigner, SpaceDesigner and ObeoConnect:

...and this link to great videos about how Obeo works for you-http://tinyurl.com/3vgzed

Have a great holiday season!

Steven Stearns



Obeo Sales-Tech Support: 800-729-6236

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