Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm the idiot. Pass the band-aids, please...

ow ow ow.
My dialing finger hurts.
Still waiting on a new cell phone.
And my face hurts from smiling.
It's great to be an idiot.
After spending the last 30 days beating up on my cell phone
and myself, I let the market win.
This round, anyway. It was kind of a draw, actually.
But a lesson well learned.
A wiser person that me once said:
"I have two ears and one mouth for a reason."
And yes, there is a lot of market out there.
When people got back to me, this is what they said:
"I am still selling homes."
"I am still answering my voice mail."
"I am still replying to my email."
"I may only be getting back to you
to make sure you are still there,
and to hear how YOU are doing."
"I need to laugh..."
"...can you help?"
Finally. Today.
An email comes back from a great client:
"I don't need more pictures or tours...
...can you put these on Thanks for helping an idiot through this."
I just wired back:
"You're not the idiot-
that's my job!"
...I'm glad we are all still working,
or trying to.
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