Thursday, April 3, 2008

Got a minute? Great!

...that is all it is gonna take.
Because that is all it should.
You know newspapers are still important-right?
Eight out of ten buyers are on line.
They are important to 20% of your market.
Direct mail? Post cards?
When was the last time you opened it or read it
if you knew where it was coming from.
A refrigerator magnet MIGHT get read more.
And all that time spent
creating a mediocre virtual tour-
when you know buyers and sellers hate bad photos.
Do you have the time to do you own web syndication?
Do you know how to do it?
You are a Realtor,
and your time should be spent
winning listings, negotiating offers, showing homes,
networking, blogging and closing.
Obeo WI-262-325-8687
Obeo in Your Area - 800-729-6236.

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