Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Eating the Elephant 2.0 bites at a time

All I can say is WoW!
Who is THAT Hungry?
Most Realtors are - or should be, or are gonna be really fast, this year.
There are those meandering and grazing in the bloggosphere that are having a hard time stepping up to their new diet.

You might say to those people:

-you are crabby and just don't like that other Realtors got the hot stuff first;
-you might be getting crabbier because other Realtors got their first and are having seconds already;
-and fuming at the fact that you are stuck because you do not want to admit it is time to stop being late for dinner and do not know here to start.

(Boy, haven't we all been THERE...)

The simple fact is that this hard market requires soft skills: blogging, social networking and being in on line communities.

Being engaged, not on auto-pilot, auto-answer, I-can-get-a-program-bot-to-scribe-me-up-some-content kind of coasting mode.
The shakedown is still shaking: if Realtors-yes, Realtors- do not engage and get up to their earlobes in what is going on-well, who wants to eat?
Realtor Pros remain. Why? Likely because they ARE engaged, nimble and are not afraid to change their work mode as quickly at their day-old socks.

Getting started eating this elephant? EASY!:

Read, comment and learn in the forum of a on line community.
Then, set up a blog and make it real-about you , your neighborhood, what YOU know about real estate.
Expand your Rolodex network into a social network - ask around, you might even get a friend to invite you in!

Just don't sit there - grab a plate and get on line!
Dessert is gonna be really, really good!


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